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Mission Statement


The Scott County Meth Task Force is a public and private partnership dedicated to identify, educate, prevent and control methamphetamine (meth) and the impact of meth use on the community. Additionally, the Task Force is committed to reducing the financial and health outcomes of meth on users, law enforcement, schools, local government agencies, families and the environment in an effort to provide livable, healthy and safe communities to the citizens of Scott County.

The Scott County Meth Task Force is co-chaired by:

  • Scott County Commissioner Barbara Marschall

    “The Scott County Meth Task Force was created to combat three major issues within our community associated with meth: public safety, the increase in criminal activity, and the costs associated with meth that ultimately fall upon the tax payer. The Task Force plans on increasing awareness of meth and addressing the issues brought into our community by meth.”

  • Scott County Attorney Pat Ciliberto

    “As the Scott County Attorney, I began to see a significant increase in meth-related cases in 2003 and 2004.  The Scott County Attorney’s office realized we had an emerging meth criminal caseload that was impacting law enforcement, the court system, and the Scott County community in general. Something positive needed to be done to deal with the threat of methamphetamine in our communities. In recognition of the threat that meth posed to our county – the Scott County Meth Task Force was created.”

  • Scott County Sheriff Kevin Studnicka

    “Meth is a drug that poisons your body and your mind.  As an officer, you have a front row seat to how destructive this drug really is -- how it not only damages the user, and not just the user’s entire family, but the user’s entire community.  Working with the Meth Task Force is one way to work together to increase enforcement and to educate our communities to the dangers of meth.”

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